Our vision is to make all of the amazing dreams my artists have into a reality and to help them grow their brand into a sustainable machine



To add value to the music industry as a whole. I believe that many processes, structures and key elements of the music industry are outdated and should be thought over in order to minimize stress and maximize job satisfaction of anyone with a passion for good music.


My name is Oskar Piotr Zakrzewski. I was born in Police, Poland in 1995. Since 2000 I've been living in the Netherlands, where I enjoyed a rigorous education. Music and the organization that comes with it had always been a passion of mine.

I started my music management path in 2015 as a student of the Delft University of Technology as the co-manager of Soulband Capital S . That year had sparked a forgotten interest and, after earning my bachelor of science in systems engineering I took to Amsterdam to study a Masters in Business Administration with a focus on the Creative Industries. In October of 2018, I joined the team that surrounds the amazing Dr Justice and his Smooth Operators.

You have to learn from the best, which is why in March of 2019 I did an internship at I.E. Management in London (e.g. Robbie Williams, Passenger, etc.) to learn the practical side of being an artist manager. After several months Dr Justice (Jochem Smaal) and I agreed, I started OZ Management and he signed as my first official client.

I have been described as an aware, energetic, hard-working person that knows what he wants and is not afraid to stand for what he thinks is right. With this attitude, I am determined to run OZ Management and accomplish great things for all artists that will be needing my help.

Oskar Piotr Zakrzewski
Age 24
Speaks Dutch, Polish, English, (German)
Degree Bachelor of Science